Erosion Control

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Erosion can happen on any sloped landscape or around any moving water. On steep hills, rainwater can loosen the soil, and gravity will begin to push the dirt down the slope. Along the edges of river beds and lakefronts are other potential points of erosion where erosion prevention tactics may be needed. Without something to hold the dirt in place, like a barrier of rocks between the dirt and water, or a web of plant roots, the flowing water will take bits and pieces of the surrounding soil downstream.

Lake Michigan Erosion Control & Shoreline Protection Services

A problem specific to those on the far east side of Wisconsin is erosion caused by Lake Michigan. We have helped many clients with Lakefront Erosion Control in the area and we’re ready to help you! From agricultural soil erosion to lakefront erosion and construction applications, our team of soil erosion experts will ensure your property doesn’t get washed away! This process is also known as lakefront protection, lakeshore armoring, lakeshore revetments, or lakeshore stabilization. No matter what you call it, CK Contractors will take care of it!

Specifically, if you’re looking for a Lake Michigan Shoreline Protection company, CK Contractors is here to help. Check out our Lake Michigan Shoreline Protection page for specific details.


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